International Wildfire Risk Mitigation Consortium

IWRMC is an industry-sponsored collaborative designed to facilitate the sharing of wildfire risk mitigation insights, and discovery of innovative and unique utility wildfire practices from across the globe.  

Recent Participations

Near-Term, Risk-Informed Wildfire Mitigation Strategies for Utilities Conference

May 16-17, 2024

PG&E Near-Term Risk Mitigation Strategies Workshop

On May 16-17, 2004, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) hosted an open event attended by more than 40 utilities from the U.S., Canada and Chile to share experiences for wildfire readiness.  On the first day, attendees listened to presentations by PG&E, Southern Cal Edison and San Diego Electric & Gas on what Californian companies are doing to plan for wildfire risk across their footprints.  On the second day, IWRMC was one of six break-out sessions during which participants learned about how IWRMC operates with its member working groups throughout the year.  The second day included leadership presentations from PG&E’s CEO and COO, Patti Poppe and Sumeet Singh, who shared openly PGE’s willingness to share to accelerate learnings.  Thank you PG&E and IWRMC Member Andy Abranches for leading this incredible session.
Hawaiian Electric Wildfire Safety Symposium
April 10-11, 2024 

UMS Group CEO Jack Shearman and Utility Safety Associates David Geier, along with other members of the IWRMC Executive Steering Group, attended the Hawaiian Electric Wildfire Safety Symposium in Hilo, Hawaii, to lead several panel discussions on topics such as Wildfire Mitigation: Industry Practices and Lessons Learned, and Hawaiian Electric’s Wildfire Safety Strategy. 

OroraTech’s First International Wildfire Conference
October 2, 2023 

Former IWRMC Program Director, Joe Lake, was invited to speak about several perspectives on the global wildfires and how the IWRMC helps in the wildfire mitigation space and its benefits to its members. 

Renewables Grid Initiative Webinar: Fire watch – How can the grid help prevent wildfires?
April 27, 2023 

Former IWRMC Program Director, Joe Lake, gave an overview of the wildfire situation, sharing experiences from Australia & California and presenting the various solution responses available. 

Working Groups

The four (4) main IWRMC Working Groups represent the Program’s focus areas. The Operations & Protocols, Asset Management, Vegetation Management, and Risk Management Working Groups meet every month to exchange ideas on relevant industry-wide or utility-specific issues and challenging emergent topics, revisit ongoing project statuses, acquire new learnings from peers and external individuals, and strengthen member relationships among the utilities. 

Here’s a look at some of the topics discussed in each working group:

IWRMC Working Group
IWRMC Working Group
IWRMC Working Group
IWRMC Working Group
IWRMC Working Group
IWRMC Working Group
IWRMC Working Group
IWRMC Working Group


IWRMC Annual Conference 

The member-exclusive event is an opportunity for utilities to connect directly and share their challenges, learnings, and experiences in the realm of Wildfire Risk Mitigation. 

IWRMC Web Portal

Updated and curated weekly with the latest wildfire/bushfire-related news, academic research, regulations, and mitigation plans from utilities around the world.

Monthly Newsletters 

With the IWRMC, no one is kept out of the loop. A recap of the previous month is provided in the Monthly Newsletter which is distributed to the membership every first Wednesday of the month.

Maturity Model 

The model aims to understand the global utility industry’s current state regarding this existential threat and help each utility develop a roadmap for continuous improvement and risk mitigation.

Vendor-Technology Leaderboard 

IWRMC members have established a Vendor/Technology Leaderboard to assist with and accelerate the evaluation and procurement process for advanced wildfire risk mitigation technologies

Surveys and Deep-Dive Projects 

The IWRMC is building a central information hub for members, with surveys contributing to it. Deep-dive Projects involve periodic meetings to discuss project direction, updates, and next steps.


The IWRMC has been written about and mentioned in several articles and documents. Here are some of our participations documented: 

Portland General Electric 2024 Wildfire Mitigation Plan

Portland General Electric, December 29, 2023 

Extracted from the publicly available document, p. 86: PGE uses the forum (IWRMC) to test PGE climate change assumptions and how climate change plays a role in both strategic risk management as well as understanding the value proposition of investments. PGE also participated in the group to understand new technologies and their potential applicability to PGE operations, as well as vegetation management approaches from around the globe.  

Read more

Canadian Wildfires, Climate Change, and Opportunities for Electric Utilities to Tackle Them Together

CIGRE Electra Magazine, October 2023 

Canada’s wildfire season got off to an early start, with unprecedented impacts across the country. Earlier this year, NASA confirmed that wildfires have indeed gotten worse globally – in intensity, severity, geographic area burned, and the duration of the wildfire season. Not only does this greatly and negatively affect the ecosystem, but human health as well. In this article, learn about some of the actions electric utilities in the region are taking to mitigate these risks, and how they are learning from their peers around the globe. 

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SCE Spearheads Global Effort to Reduce Wildfire Risk

Southern California Edison, April 25, 2022 

Utility consortium’s first deep-dive project will study strategies to minimize fire hazards from trees and vegetation; Other projects include best practices for undergrounding. 

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Learning consortium facilitates improved wildfire management

Consultancy.eu, March 29, 2022 (Press Release) 

UMS Group (now a division of E Source) has launched a new global learning platform for utility companies. The new platform aims to enhance the battling of wildfires, as the impacts of climate change intensify. 

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Client Feedback

The IWRMC has helped us to build our wildfire mitigation organization by showing us what we need to be thinking about and who needs to be involved.”

The use cases for technologies and innovations being developed to address wildfire risks extend far beyond the wildfire space.


Established Partners

IWRMC is facilitated by E Source – a utilities-focused consulting, research, and data science company. E Source combines industry-leading research, data science, and consulting services to offer utilities a wide range of solutions. Learn more here.

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